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The Cercle des Sciences (CdS) of the University of Brussels (ULB) is one of the oldest clubs of the ULB. It is a non-profit Organization existing since 1890. Its objectives are first of all to bring the students together by organizing different activities both scientific and cultural, and, secondly, to support and assist the students throughout their studies.

This support is reflected by selling syllabus and collections of examinations, or by organizing a social sponsoring in the beginning of each academic year.

Among the key activities of the Cercle des Sciences, there are :

      - Les 10 km de l’ULB, it is a philanthropic race, which all profits are donated entirely to scientific research of the Faculty of Sciences at ULB reason to € 15,000 per year
      - Le Festival du Film Scientifique de Bruxelles, it has the motto "Science for all" and is an audience of both established scientists and the merely curious in order to make science accessible to everyone and promote it.
      - La Nuit des Sciences, official local dance of the Faculty of Science which meets every year students, assistants and professors,

    - And finally, the Jobday-Sciences remains the most exciting activity. It allows, thanks to you and with great pride for the Cercle des Sciences to accompany the students to the beginning of their professional career.

Please have a look to the Cercle des Sciences website, available here


The Wetenschappelijke Kring is an organization created by and for the students from the VUB Faculty of Sciences and Bioengineers. Since 1949, we fill the gap between students and the VUB authorities and we do this in collaboration with industries.


The VUB is one of the most progressist university of the country. We represent students from Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Computer Science and Mathematics.


Our Cercle, just as our university and the passion of young people for sciences, is increasing.

The WK organize several activities during the year :

    - Nacht van de Wetenschappen: this is the official prom for the Faculties, students and professors.
    - Dag van de Wetenschap: every year, the WK committee is volunteer in this event. This is an event sponsorised by the VUB and organized for everybody.
    - The Barbecue: it’s for celebrate the end of the academic year. We organize a big barbecue for the VUB Sciences Faculty.

Please have a look to the Wetenschappelijke Kring website, availablehere